Our Team

Meet our team at Zak Surfboards - get advise from staff that actually use or have experience with the surfboards and hardware they sell.  Give them a call in store 0394167384 send them an email or drop by the shop for a chat.



DAMIEN (Store Manager / Sales)


Well versed in all of the products we stock Damo will give you excellent advise on just about anything. Spending his time in the water on predominantly on HP shortboards he is the go to guy if you want to get the lowdown on the subtleties of any of the shortboard models on our racks (or others from any of the brands we stock).  Damo also handles the bulk of our custom orders - so if you want to place one of these, he is you man.



HARRY (Sales / Head of Grooviness)


His star sign is Leo and when he hits the water you can find him on anything from Twin Fins, Fish shapes, Eggs, Mid-Lengths to the occasional standard shortboard (when he chooses to keep-it-real).  You can hit Harry up for first-hand advise on just about any type of board we have in the shop.  He is also well and truly down with all the wetsuits we have on our racks. H will utilize his expert eye to get you in the best fit possible.



TOM (Online Manager / Sales)


Need any help with any orders you have placed? Got any questions before you pull the trigger Online? Tom is the guy to speak to. Spending a majority of his time on his computer out back in our office - chances are he'll be the first guy you get on the phone if you give us a call.  An early adopter of the "ride the right board for the conditions" ethos - Tom has been regularly riding shortboards, longboards & single-fins since the mid 90s.  Hit him up for advise on anything we stock and he'll make sure you get the info you need to make the right choice.



ALEX aka Young Lean (Surfboard Studio Sales)

Ph: 0448186361


Questions about any of the surfboard building materials we have (both at Zak Surfboards or The Surfboard Studio) ? Give Alex a call and he'll help you out. Pictured here in his favorit 'apres ski' christmas knitwear, we first hired Alex part-time straight after he did year 10 work experience with us. Despite his youth, Alex has been working full time down at the Surfboard Studio for a number of years now. With experience in building boards and doing ding repairs - Alex is sure to give you the advise and information you need. Alex also graces us with his presence in the Zak Surfboard store from time to time - if you see him say "Hi", he is one of the nicest guys you'll meet.



Zak (the Boss)

The man, the enigma - not in store as often these days, Zak spends the majority of his time down at the Surfboard Studio.  With decades of board building, ding repair and experience on the shop floor - if you can catch him, he is a font of knowledge.