About Us


Zak Surfboards is Melbourne's No.1 independent core board store.  We are hardware specialists - stocking the largest range of board models of any store in Victoria, and a huge selection of wetsuits and surfing accessories.  All stock displayed is available NOW and we deliver Australia Wide. We stock equipment for all levels of surfing, from beginners to veterans, shortboards to longboarders, holiday makers and day-to-day surfers.  Boasting staff who are a Brains Trust of surfing knowledge and expertise, we can provide you with the right gear to progress through your initial steps into the ocean right through to ripping apart the best waves of your life. We can professionally repair your damaged boards, have the right wetsuits to keep you warm in cool waters, stock gear for travelling the world, trade-in your old surfcraft or simply help you buy a gift for a loved one.


Zak Surfboards Interior From Doorway

Zak’s store has been servicing a loyal clientele of inner urban & coastal surfers for more than 17 years from it’s Thornbury location (an inner Northern suburb of Melbourne). The retail space has now extended itself to help service surfers Australia wide via our online store.

We offer the best choice of surfboards direct from some of the biggest and best Australian and international suppliers - as well as continuing to support many local Victorian shapers. Over the years, Zak has spent time in Hawaii and the United States seeking out stock direct from some of the best shapers.  Boards direct from names like Eric Arakawa, Jeff Bushman, John Pyzel, Campbell Bros. and Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos – sourced directly from their home town factories. Real boards from the actual shaper rather than their designs made under license locally. The bottom line is - you will find stock on our racks that you can’t get anywhere else in the country.



Zak shaped his first surfboard at 13 in a tin shed down the side of his parent’s house in Viewbank.  He would catch a bus all the way to Trigger Bros on the Mornington Peninsula to pick up blanks and resin to fuel his passion.  With a few advertisements in surf mags and a bunch of business cards, Zak’s small backyard business grew from repairing a few surfboards for mates, to doing board repairs and shaping custom boards for local surf shops.   Through sheer determination and persistence, ignoring advice that the surf industry was about selling clothes rather than shaping surfboards, Zak kept shaping and repairing boards and opened a small retail store in Thornbury in 1999, which contained barely a thread of clothing. The first store in Thornbury packed 86 surfboards, a wall of accessories, a bunch of skateboards and wetsuits into a 6×3 metre shop in which customers had to walk around single-file to view his range.

Not long after, Zak Surfboards moved just up the road, into a bigger premises at 307 Victoria Road Thornbury, a refurbished bottle-o on the corner of Raleigh Street and stocks one of the biggest ranges of surfboards in Victoria.  A real surf hardware store, not a clothes shop with a few boards for eye candy. When you’re in the shop, don’t forget to look up to view Zak’s private collection of vintage boards from veteran shapers like Clemm Bell, Mark Richards, Pat Morgan, George Rice and Wayne Lynch.

In 2014 Zak opened the Surfboard Studio, located in the neighbouring suburb of Preston. The Surfboard Studio offers small-groups expert instruction and tuition in surfboard shaping, design, glassing and sanding, all based conveniently in Melbourne and affiliated with a stalwart of Melbourne surf culture, Zak Surfboards. The aim is to teach not only the art of surfboard shaping, but to share handcrafting skills and knowledge of how surfboard designs work in all sorts of waves. The shop at the Surfboard Studio offers surf hardware equipment, tools and materials for building all types of surf craft.


Over time, Zak moved away from shaping to run the shop and sought out local shapers to produce the Zak range. Today the surfboards are manufactured on the iconic Surf Coast of Victoria by many of the local shapers Zak has built relationships with over the years.