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DAFIN Swim Fin Flippers (Various Colours)

The swim and surf Fin preferred by the World’s Best Watermen


SORKY Plugs EQ Seals

An innovative design that allows you to maintain your hearing and balance with top notch protection from the elements.


Docs Pro Plugs

Protect you ears from water, wind and pollution


OCEAN & EARTH 3 Fold Surf Locker

Get all you gear organized into one nice neat pouch that you can stash in the back of your car


OCEAN & EARTH 2 Fold Surf Locker

Store all you Fins, Leashes, Wax, Sunscreen and other gear conveniently & tidily in one of these epic cases


SURF EARS 2.0 Ear Plugs

A revolutionary new ear plug that protects your ears from cold water, wind and pollution while maximizing sound


CREATURES Shortboard Travel Army Orange (Various Sizes)

10mm Closed Cell Foam padding, Marine Grade Corrosion Resistant - Nylon Zipper, X-Flow Air Ventilation System


SUM BUM SPF 50 Clear Zinc Oxide 30ml

Clear Zinc Oxide Formula with Aloe & Vitamin E - a protective barrier between your face (or other sensitive areas) and the sun


SEX WAX Car/Air Freshener (Various Flavours)

Bring the smell of Mr. Zog's Sexwax into your car, office or home with Sexwax Air Fresheners, in store at Zak Surfboards


KANULOCK Lockable Tie Downs (Various Sizes)

Leave your precious surfcraft on the roof of your car without having to worry about theft.



For cuts and reef scares this is the only thing which will save you from infection


OCEAN & EARTH FREEDOM+ Surf Tail Pad with Decal Antenna

This product is the Tail Pad with Decal Antenna component of the FREEDOM+ Surf Shark Shield


OCEAN & EARTH FREEDOM+ Surf Power Module

This product is the Power Module component of the FREEDOM+ Surf Shark Shield


CREATURES Tie Downs Silicon (Various Sizes)

Secure your surfboards to roof racks - with 30mm metal buckle with a moulded silicon cover for car protection


OCEAN & EARTH Heavy Duty Key Bank

Extra large key storage area with heavy duty toughened steel metal case with protective outer rubber covering


HOT BUTTERED Slide Skate Brown Fish 32

Designed & developed in Spain - by far the best surf/skates we've ridden.



Keep you wetsuit clean while you change in & out of it - a convenient way to carry your suit as well


PHIX DOCTOR Q-cell 14 OZ Pack

For filling those bigger holes - can be mixed with any resin to make thick, white, light filler.


OCEAN & EARTH Free Standing Surfboard Rax Rack

Fits 1-4 boards, Lightweight Surfboard storage rack - ideal for apartment or garage


HYDRO Hand Surfer

Designed so you can plane on the water and increase your lift and speed when you bodysurf.


Ding Tape 4m x 48mm Roll

A high performance acrylic clear dingtape roll 48mm x 4m


CREATURES Aero Pad Square 28"

Board protection pads for aerodynamic roof racks. Durable cushioned pads that sit between the boards & roof racks


CREATURES Fish Travel Army Orange (Various Sizes)

10mm Closed Cell Foam padding, Marine Grade Corrosion Resistant - Nylon Zipper, X-Flow Air Ventilation System

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