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C-Skins Wetsuits Australia

C-Skins is a wetsuit brand from the UK that prides itself on creating wetsuits that perform. Using the right combination of innovative and proven technologies that are tried and tested in the often frigid European waters, so they can offer a product with true benefits rather than just marketing hype. They do the R&D pushing the limits of wetsuit design and materials, so that you can push your own limits out there in the water.

The rubber that C-Skins use in their suits absorbs less water than the stuff most other brands use, giving you a noticeably lighter and stretchier suit to wear.  Their design & the quality of their construction is consistently some of the best we’ve seen… and we see a lot of wetsuits in here at Zak Surfboards!  These have been our top selling brand of winter wetsuits in store for the past few years for a reason and if you're in the market for a new wetsuit then you need to have a look at their range!

C-Skins Wetsuits are available from us both in store and ONLINE