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We hold a large range of DHD Surfboards at Zak Surfboards. We constantly have 30+ new boards from Darren Handley on our racks & a selection of demo boards & ex-team boards from time to time as well.  Darren is reguarded as one of, if not the best shaper in Australia of high performance surfcrafts.  Growing up on Australia‚Äôs wave rich Gold Coast, famous in the surf world for its high concentration of world famous waves and the world class surfers it consistently produces. Starting his trade under Murray Bourton's Pipedream label, Darren soon found his shapes under some of the areas best surfers including Jay Phillips, Luke Egan & Mick Fanning. Demand for his shapes grew & he launched his own label in the late 1990s DHD.  Since then, his DHD brand has consistently grown - with a combination of Darrens commitment to the craft & the R&D of his shapes, Darren has earned the reputation of being one of the best surfboard shapers in the world. Today Darren's boards can be found under the feet of multiple time ASP World Champions Mick Fanning & Stephanie Gilmore.

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