Firewire Surfboards || Zak Surfboards

Firewire at Zak SurfboardsAt Zak's we hold the largest range of Firewire Surfboards in Victoria - head to our online store to see exactly what we have on our racks at the moment.  Since their launch in the early 2000s, Firewire have made a name for themselves for producing surfboard shapes & exploring methods of construction that are truely cutting edge.  Collaborations with Dan "Tomo" Thompson & John Pyzel are now part of the Firewire range, with recent investor Kelly Slater also finding a home for his Slater Designs label under the Firewire banner.  Boards that are stronger, lighter & more environmentally friendly are the name of the game with the way that Firewire construct their board - without skimping on the way that they perform.  Quite often, once people put a Firewire under their feet - they never go back to a normal PU board.