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Zak Surfboards are a stockist of Pyzel Surfboards - originally sourcing his shapes for our racks back in 2013 direct from Oahu.  You can find our collection of current surfboard designs from John Pyzel in store browse the here ONLINE

Growing up in Santa Barbara, California - Jon Pyzel first got on a board in his early teens and quickly found himself addicted to the ocean. Local shaping icon, Matt Moore shaped his boards and everntually put Jon on his team as a sponsored team rider. Matt took the time to help explain the sometimes complex principles of surfboard design and allowed Jon to watch him shape.  Fast forward a few years -  Jon came to the realization that he wanted better waves and warmer water - eventually making the move to to Oahu’s North Shore permanently in 1992.  There he picked up work fixing dings for Country Surfboards, eventually moving up to hot coats and lamination - learning the ins and outs of the craft as he went.

Jon soon connected with master craftsman Jeff Bushman, who helped guid Jon and came him all-important input and encouragement.  After a while, Jeff ended up giving Jon a job on his shaping staff and that was the beginning of Jon's professional shaping career.

A few years  later, in 1998 -  Alex Florence approached Jon about making a board for her oldest son John John, who was 5 at the time.  From then on, Jon and John John have consistently worked together to redefine what was possible for Grom surfng. 20 years later, John John Florence claimed his maiden 2016 World Title, now widely reguarded as on of the most gifted wave riders on the planet - all while riding Jon Pyzel's surfboards.

Today Pyzel Surfboards has grown to be an international business with factories on the North Shore, on the Gold Coast of Australia and in Oceanside California.  Pyzel Surfboards are now found regularly under the feet of many of the best surfers in the world, including: - John John Florence, Kelly Slater, Mark Healey, Jack Freestone, Michel Bourez, Jadson Andre, Nathan Florence, Koa Rothman, Koa Smith, Fredrico Morais, Matt Archbold, Billy Kemper and many more.  Stu Kennedy, Alex and Koa Smith, Ryan Calinan, Rizal Tanjung,  Frederico Morais, Mason Ho, Ross Williams, Fred Pattachia, Sally Fitzgibons, Jay "Bottle" Thompson, Nathan Hedge, Sebastian Williams, Raoni MonteIro, Willain Cardoso, Ryan Hipwood, Billy Kemper, Shane Beschen, Punker Pat Towersy, Timmy Reyes, Matt Archbold, Chris Ward and many other pro surfers and stand-outs from around the globe.

Pyzel boards have now won multiple World Championships, the 2016 Eddie, 3 Triple Crowns, Jaws Big Wave Events twice,  2 XXL Paddle awards, the XXL Tube of the Year,  2 Backdoor Shootouts, 3 Waves of the Winter, the Steep and Deep Chalange 2016, many WCT events, the Haleiwa Hawaiian Pro, Sunset Beach World Cup and many, many !