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We stock close to the full range of Torq Surfboard in store here at Zak's. 

Started in 2012, Torq Surfboards have created a range of products that stand alone in the Surfboard market. Offering an unmatched combination of strength and performance their popularity and range has grown significantly over the past few years - now offering a great range of surfboard models for all skill levels.

Torq TEC is an advanced epoxy construction that are arguably the tuffest surfboards on the market. Using EPS foam, a combination Biaxial & plain weave Fibreglass cloth, further strengthened with strategically placed and Carbon fibre... these boards offer the best strength to weight ratio money can buy.  The boards in the TET Torq range are the closest things we’ve seen to a bulletproof surfboard. Built using a molded epoxy construction that is heavily reinforced on the rails these things can take a real beating (compared to traditionally constructed PU & other Epoxy surfboards) – this makes them a great choice for the beginner to intermediate surfer or those of you that want a board that will really last. 

Torq X-Lite is an EPS/Epoxy construction that they developed & use specifically for performance boards. Stronger and more environmentally friendly than traditional PU/Polyester boards - this new, innovative construction technology is used exclusively by Torq on their Channel Islands designed model, the POD MOD.

The TET-CS construction blends the proven shapes from the TET range with the higher performance of the X-Lite technology. The CS in the name refers to the Carbon Strip used to add strength and ‘pop’ to the boards.

Torq Epoxy Technology or TET represents a revolution in Epoxy surfboard technology. Built using the latest in EPS/Epoxy materials; the Torq Epoxy Technology combines a lightweight EPS core with Biaxial fibreglass cloth, Epoxy resin and our unique Shield Skin.

Torq's Soft Deck board uses an additional PE deck skin over a full laminated core to offer a safe first time learning option in this durable easy surfing range.

A great range of shapes are available in the Torq range too. From Fish shapes to Funboards, mini-Malibus and Longboards – come and check them out in store or have a look at what we have in stock ONLINE