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CAPTAIN FIN CO Tyler Warren Twin Especial ST

Tyler Warren designed this beauty for maximum down the line speed and smooth rail to rail surfing.


CAPTAIN FIN CO. Christenson Twin Especial ST

Chris takes us back in his time machine with this classic keel fin design. Perfect for your retro twin fin fish.


CAPTAIN FIN CO Bros Marshall (Various Sizes)

These stylish templates will keep your surfing smooth as butter


CAPTAIN FIN CO Mason Dyer Sea Bee 8.0"

For a single fin or even a 2+1 - this is one smooth surfin' skeg


CAPTAIN FIN CO Joel Tudor pivot 9.5inch

Joel designed this fin for long nose rides and quick turns - great in both square and pin tails


CAPTAIN FIN CO. Dane Reynolds Thruster (Various Sizes)

A brand new template designed for Dane Reynolds by the team at Captain Fin Co


Captain Fin Co. CF-TWIN Especial Sea Foam

A limited edition multi-color twin fin with a solid fiberglass layup - it comes with a bonus trailer fin for stability and drive


CAPTAIN FIN CO Chippa Twin Especial ST

Developed by Neal Purchase Jr and Chippa Wilson - A large twin fin with a bonus trailer fin for stability and drive.


CAPTAIN FIN CO Joel Tudor Flex (Various Sizes)

These fins are intended to be used in Joel's line of eggs, but will work well in a wide variety of different shapes


Chris Christenson Tracker (Various Sizes)

This timeless template lends itself to smooth arcing cutbacks and down the line speed...enjoy the ride man


CAPTAIN FIN CO Tyler Warren 10.25"

A blend of a pivot fin with a raked flex fin - excellent hold on the nose & quick, flowing turns


CAPTAIN FIN CO Mason Dyer Jetson 9.75"

This fin pays homage to the good old days of hot dog log riding


CAPTAIN FIN CO Alex Knost Flex 10"

A wide base for plenty of drive with a slim and flexy tip, great for smooth sweeping cutbacks


CAPTAIN FIN CO Kassia Meador Tie Dye 9.8inch

Throw this fin in your favorite pin-tail or square-tail and feel the flow


CAPTAIN FIN CO JJ Wessells Peanut Gallery 9.75"

Designed for the perfect combination of pivot and rake - great on the nose and for powerful, slashing turns


CAPTAIN FIN CO Ellis (Various Sizes)

Designed by Ellis Ericson for mid-length boards - for a a modern-retro approach to surfing


CAPTAIN FIN CO Joel Tudor pivot 10.125inch

Let your rides be as smooth as Joel's with this epic nose-rideing, pivot fin