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FARECLA G3 Regular Grade Paste Compound

G3 Regular Grade Paste Compound is recommended for use on OEM and refinish paint systems. This versatile product can be used by hand or machine.


FARECLA G6 Rapid Grade Paste 400gm

Farécla G6 Rapid Paste Compound. World's number one rapid grade compound for harder paintwork. For use on OE and refinish medium solids.


FARECLA G10 Finishing Compound 500ML

Farecla G10 500ml G10 Fine compound. Finishing Compound. Leaves glossy finish and ultimate shine. Brings the colour back to discoloured paint. For use by hand or machine.


FARECLA Wool Compound Pad

Farecla Advanced GMOP 8". Suitable for Velcro Buff Plates. Wool Compound Pad


FARECLA G6 Rapid Advanced Dry Use Liquid 1lt

The G6 Rapid System has been specifically developed for use on all modern refinish paintwork. It removes P1500 scratch marks and will reach the level of gloss required in the shortest time. For dry use only.