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FLEXPAD 8 Inch Hard 14mm Velcro Sand Pad

The white/orange hard Flexpad is a tough sanding pad used for rough sanding. The flex is between the medium and the extra-hard pad. Maximum RPM 5000


FLEXPAD 8 Inch Medium 14MM Sand Pad Velcro

The flex is between the soft and the hard Flexpad. Manufactured in 14mm female with Velcro hook face for use with hook & loop sandpaper discs.


FLEXPAD 6 Inch Red Medium Velcro 14MM

This is our most popular 6 Inch sanding pad. Red Medium Flexpad can be used for fin sanding and various repair work. Easy to handle, it's a excellent all around 6" pad. Maximum RPM 4000.


Flexpad Balsa Wood Shaping Block Kit

Soft Yellow Pad included with the kit. The balsa wood design makes it lighter and easier to sand without overworking your hand, wrist, elbow and/or shoulder. The block pad is velcro backed and replaceable. Easily switch between foam densities as


FLEXPAD Balsa Shaping Block Replacement Pad

These are replacement pads for the SB11 balsa shaping block. Constructed with Flexpad foam and Velcro loop on the bottom. Super soft Softie Blue. Soft Yellow. Size 4"x 11" Used for fine sanding and screening foam.


FLEXPAD 8 Inch Yellow Softie Velcro 14MM

This Soft Yellow Flexpad is used for the last step in finish sanding and has a slightly larger cutting area on the bottom than the SS8 White/Yellow Soft Flexpad. Maximum RPM 1750


FLEXPAD 6 Inch Extra Hard Velcro 14MM

The purple extra-hard Flexpad is the hardest sanding pad we manufacture. Maximum RPM 5000+


FLEXPAD 8 Inch Blue Softie Velcro 14MM

The Blue Softie Flexpad is our softest density and is primarily used for shaping. This pad will roll rails without hardly any ridges and sand out planer tear and shaping machine marks quickly. You can also use this pad for finishing rails on hot coated


FLEXPAD 6 Inch Blue Softie Velcro 14MM

The Blue Softie foam density is the softest pad in our line. This 6 Inch Blue Softie Flexpad is used for shaping foam and works great when shaping concaves and channels. Maximum RPM 750.


FLEXPAD 6 Inch Yellow Softie Velcro 14MM

The Yellow Soft Flexpad is used for finish and fine sanding. Ideal for repair work. Maximum RPM 3000