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FUTURES Angle Jig Kit

The Futures Angle Jig was designed to set the proper fin angle when installing the Futures boxes. Futures side fins are set at 6.5 degrees, Quad Rears at 2 or 3 degrees, and Longboard Side Bites at 3 or 4 degrees. • Package includes 1 Base & 2 Angle Se



A template developed & refined by Al Merrick over his decades of shaping for the worlds best surfers


Futures AM1 Techflex Thruster - Blue/Cyan M

Channel Islands Al Merrick signature Thruster Set Medium in flex controlling Techflex construction


Futures JJ-2 Techflex Thruster Set (S,M & L)

The new, updated John John Florence signature fin from Futures - with improved flex control & responsiveness.


FUTURES Single Centre Fin Box

8" and 10.75" FUTURES Longboard Fin Box


Futures Rasta Twin + 1 Jute Carbon Purple

Signature Dave Rastovich Twin Fin for extra smooth rail to rail transitions


Futures Machado Twin + 1 Blackstix 3.0

Signature Rob Machado Twin Fin for extra smooth rail to rail transitions


Futures Controller Alpha Carbon Quad Fin Set

A large size quad set designed specifically for the classic, wide-tailed retro board - effectively a split keel


Futures Pre-Lam Decals

Save time and money using the Futures Pre-Lam Install Decals for setting Futures ILT Boxes prior to color laminations. These decals will protect the surrounding foam of the box cavity from absorbing resin. Applying the decal will guarantee that boxes in b


FUTURES 2-Pass Fin Box Installation Kit

The 2-Pass Installation Kit is used when installing Futures Fins Boxes after lamination. Includes: - Router Slide With Faceplate installed - Jig Plate Router Guide - 1/2" insert for Jig Collar - Jig Plate - 1/4” One Pass Bit - Timmy Tool - EVA S


FUTURES Leash Plug

Pre-laminate leash plug with a molded pin and reservoir bottom. The leash plug is shallower, allowing for installation into thinner tail surfboards.


FUTURES Lost Generation Series Medium

Designed with high performance surfing in mind - one of the most popular & best balanced fin templates around


FUTURES Performance Single Fin (Various Sizes)

Choose your weapon. The Performance range offers a solution for every set up


FUTURES SuperBrand HC 5 Fin Set

Designed by the team at Super Brand - a large sized balanced quad/thruster combo set


FUTURES F8 Alpha Tri Set Carbon Large

Constructed out of a unique molded aerated carbon fiber - an incredibly lightweight & resilient construction


FUTURES Generation F6 5-fin set

The very popular medium template fin in Generation construction with matching Quad Trailers


FUTURES “One- Pass” Router Bit

The new Futures “One- Pass” router bits allow improves installation efficiency and helps produce clean and consistent routes. These bits can be used with the older Futures installation kits - the installation process is simplified by eliminating the need


FUTURES One-Pass Cutter

One-pass Cutter Bit sizes 1/2" & 3/4"


FUTURES Gerry Lopez FG Red 7.75

Signature classic single fin template , with great maneuverability


FUTURES F6 Alpha Tri Set Carbon Medium

Constructed out of a unique molded aerated carbon fiber - an incredibly lightweight & resilient construction


Futures Rob Machado Bamboo Grey Blackstix 3.0 Tri Fin

Signature fin template for the sultan of smooth Rob Machado


Futures Rasta HC Quad Bamboo/Grey

Signature fin design of freesurfer Dave Rastovich - a medium size Speed Generating Quad set


Futures AM2 Techflex Thruster Orange/Red

A generous base and raked back shape gives you heaps of speed down the line and drive

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