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Min: $0 Max: $950

...Lost Crowd Killer

A wave catching, easy riding machine that does not skimp on performance.


...Lost Psycho Killer

A psychotic spin off from the QuiverKiller! Catches waves and generates speed with ease.


Voodoo Child (Various Sizes)

The first Mason Ho Pro Model surfboard, designed by shaper Matt Biolos with feedback & creative input from Mason.

$895.00 $750.00

Lost Puddle Jumper

A small wave speeder that is both user friendly & allows for more radical top to bottom surfing


Lost Proformance Sub Driver

Short and stubby with plenty of built in drive - easy to catch waves and generate speed on.


Demo ...Lost Puddle Jumper 6'0" x 22.25" x 2.75" 42.3L Futures

User friendly bliss with a high performance twist - a very fun and easy board to ride