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FCS 6' Freedom Leash

Game changing leashes from FCS - a revolutionary new cord that is thinner, lighter and stronger than any other cord on the market.


...Lost Crowd Killer

A wave catching, easy riding machine that does not skimp on performance.


Trouble Maker (Various Sizes)

A hybrid with generous amounts of foam that you can surf like a performance shortboard


...Lost Psycho Killer

A psychotic spin off from the QuiverKiller! Catches waves and generates speed with ease.



Performance egg shape from Greg Brown - lay down the carves of your life on one of these weapons


DHD Mini Twin

Designed as a collaboration between team rider Asher Pacey & Darren Handley - based on a classic keel-fin fish outline with a few modern tweaks.

$895.00 $695.00

Firewire Addvance TT (Various Sizes)

For those who want a forgiving, easy to paddle board that is a bit sportier to surf than a longboard

$960.00 $750.00

Rousa Rocket

This board design is about as fast as surfboards get - and has blown the minds of everyone that has managed to get one underfoot


JS Monsta 8 Squashtail

The much anticipated new HP shortboard from JS has now hit our racks


Ringmaster (Various Sizes)

All the paddle power you need, packed into a sporty shape that you can maneuver easily.


Zak Quad Fish (Various Colours)

One of our best sellers last year, we have tweaked it slightly to give it a bigger wave range - a more refined shape for performance in a bigger range of conditions.


JS Monsta Box Roundtail

One of our best selling Victorian all-rounders since it's release - now in store in a versatile round tail


Pyzel Phantom

The much anticipated Pyzel Phantom is now in stock at Zak Surfboards



The 3DX is all about making things fun & easy is small to medium sized waves


Pyzel Sure Thing

Specially designed to give an unrivaled combination of Performance and Fun in less than ideal waves

$875.00 $750.00

Air 17 (Various Sizes)

Developed with Julian Wilson to facilitate a progressive approach in everyday waves.

$850.00 $750.00

Voodoo Child (Various Sizes)

The first Mason Ho Pro Model surfboard, designed by shaper Matt Biolos with feedback & creative input from Mason.

$895.00 $750.00

Pyzel Ghost

A high performance board that works fantastically well once the waves have a little more juice


Rousa Platapussy

A paddle friendly mini-mal that doesn't skimp on performance!


Stacey Wave Slave

Make summer waves your Bitch - This thing will let you do what you want to do when the waves won't cooperate!!


(#557) Rousa Platapussy 7'0" x 22" x 2 7/8"

(#557) Rousa Platapussy 7'0" x 22" x 2 7/8"


SEX WAX Car/Air Freshener (Various Flavours)

Bring the smell of Mr. Zog's Sexwax into your car, office or home with Sexwax Air Fresheners, in store at Zak Surfboards


Seaxe (Various Sizes)

A great mid length with a large wave range & variety of fin configurations

$1,095.00 $850.00

Channel Islands OG Flyer

For more speed and flow in smaller, weaker waves while maintaining high performance approach

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