Commercial Surfboard Hire

Commercial Surfboard Hire:

If you wish to hire one of our boards for a commercial purpose eg – Advertising, Photo shoots, Product Promotions etc, we can arrange for you to use pretty much any board in our collection (new or used). 

These are our conditions:

–   You must pay for the board in full and we will refund your purchase on return of the board (condition depending)

–  We charge an initial fee $150 for the first day & $50 per day after that – which will be deducted from the amount we refund on return of the board

–  In the case of second hand boards, we will charge you for the repair on boards that are damaged during your hire.

– Any damage to new boards will incur the full replacement cost of the board.

Give one of our staff members a call when you get a chance to discuss further 03 9416 7384 or send us an email to