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FCS II Modern Keel PC Aircore Twin Fin Set

Keel fin template that is recommended for use in retro & modern fish, funboard and twin fin boards.  Upright keel template designed Designed with contemporary twin fins, fish, funboard and retro twin fin shapes in mind. An upright fin that gives you the drive and projection of a Keel, with a little bit more pivot, quicker release and easier redirection courtesy of of a more upright shape.

With less rake than many of the other keel fins on the market & a wider base, these fins allow you to draw tighter radius arcs than many other keels.  More height/depth and extra tip area helps maintain connection, grip & a feeling of control when pushed and helps you to hold speed through turns.  Now available in the new ultr lightweight Aircore construction.

Base: ​4.61″ / 1​17mm
Depth: 5.​50″ / 1​3​9mm
Area: 2​5.​​05″² / ​16160mm²
Rake/Sweep: 3​9.0º
Foil: Flat with bevel on leading edge


FCS II Aircore - significantly lighter, greater response and finer tuned flex.
Lighter, greater response and finer tuned flex.  Aircore is a relatively new construction method that FCS have started implementing to a greater extent across their fin range. Built using a resin transfer moulding process which infuses a pressed polyurethane foam core & layers of fibreglass with epoxy resin. This construction method uses less fibreglass and resin while creating a lighter, ultra-responsive fin with a finely tuned flex pattern.  The AirCore construction method gives greater scope for customising the flex of each fin model (compared to traditional fin constructions) allowing for the precise tuning of flex to suit each fin model, fin size and rider preference.

AirCore fins are also significantly lighter than any other fins in the FCS range. AirCore fins also flex faster than traditional fin constructions. So, when you load them up (flex them by push against your fins through a turn), they snap back to their original, unflexed state quicker.  This means quicker, less delayed reaction times and a more lively, positive feeling under-foot.


Barcode # 9340935042975
Brand FCS