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Slater Designs Gamma Dimensions

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Slater Designs Gamma

Definitely not just a glass slipper fit for the King – a pretty epic all-rounder for us less gifted wave riders

They’re in – 2 big boxes of the the new Slater Designs Gamma models just arrived in store this morning. Definitely not just a glass slipper fit for the King – these look like pretty epic all-rounder for those of us less gifted wave riders, in the right dimensions.

This model has a beautifully smooth medium rocker, combined with a relatively generous outline (for a high performance shortboard) and a nice medium, pinched rail. The bottom contour is a single concave, with a touch of double between the fins that eases into a vee out the back. These are the first Slater Designs Model to be built in Firewire’s new and improved Helium Tech construction. Reportedly both stronger and better performing under-foot than any previous Firewire construction.

I haven’t taken one of these for a spin yet (can’t wait btw) but this board seems to have quite a few more user friendly characteristics than any Kelly Slater model I’ve put under my arm before. This appears to be a really clean, nicely balanced design – something I’d quite comfortably jump on as a high performance all rounder.

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Slater Designs GAMMA from STAB on Vimeo.


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