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FCSII KA Kolohe Andino Thruster Set (S,M,L)

Signature Athlete Series Fin for the WSL surfer - well balanced to give you a great combination of Drive, Hold & Release


OCEAN & EARTH 3 Fold Surf Locker

Get all you gear organized into one nice neat pouch that you can stash in the back of your car


OCEAN & EARTH 2 Fold Surf Locker

Store all you Fins, Leashes, Wax, Sunscreen and other gear conveniently & tidily in one of these epic cases


CAPTAIN FIN CO Chippa Twin Especial ST

Developed by Neal Purchase Jr and Chippa Wilson - A large twin fin with a bonus trailer fin for stability and drive.


FUTURES John John Florence Techflex (S,M,L)

Signature Thruster Set to compliment John's full throttle approach


FCSII Accelerator PC Carbon Tri (S,M,L)

For controlled, high speed turns, excels in critical conditions


FUTURES T1 HC Twin Fin Set

A twin-fin design with a small trailer - for extra maneuverability, down the line drive, and speed


FUTURES Control Series EA Medium

A medium template that is well balanced and performs in a variety of conditions


CAPTAIN FIN CO Tyler Warren Twin Especial ST

Tyler Warren designed this beauty for maximum down the line speed and smooth rail to rail surfing.


FUTURES Jack Freestone Large Generation Series Thruster

A large size speed generating fin - ride this fin when the conditions are small and u need a little more zing


FCSII Performer PC Carbon Tri (S,M,L,XL)

A reliable all-round fin for a wide range of conditions from beach breaks to point breaks in Small, Medium, Large & X-Large


FUTURES F6 Thermotech Thruster Set Medium

Medium Molded Thruster Fin Set



Keeps your gear clean, organized and ready to go - plenty of room for all your spare fins, wax etc



A template developed & refined over his decades of shaping for the worlds best surfers


FUTURES Tiller FG Volan (Various Sizes)

A large base for holding your line and a thinned tip for added responsiveness from rail to rail


FCSII MR Mark Richards PC Twin Thruster Set (Various Colours)

MR's new twin + stabilizer template. The fast, pivoty feel of a twin with a small stabilizer trailer



A twin-fin design with a small trailer - for extra maneuverability, down the line drive, and speed


FUTURES Pipe Gun G10 FG Tri Set

Developed with Futures North Shore team-riders to help them achieve the smoothness and stability they need at Pipe speeds


FCSII Quad Trailer Performer Glassflex M

Ideal for surfers who want a reliable ‘All Round’ fin delivering a combination of speed and maneuverability with flow between turns.


FUTURES Grub Screws (Set of 6)

Futures Grub Screws (set of 6) - enough for your five fin Thruster/Quad set up


FUTURES Lost Medium Carbon Red

…Lost shaper Matt Biolos signature fin template - carbon base for stability through turns, spring through the tip.


FUTURES Alpha Quad Trailer QD2 4.00

Medium Quad trailers in Alpha construction


FUTURES F4 Blackstix 3.0

A small sized, balanced template in the speed generating Blackstix construction


FCSII Reactor PC Carbon Quad Rear M

Smaller centre fin for increased pivot and tail release. Ideal for surfers who like to perform fast, progressive turns. Two Quad Rear fins

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