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A template developed & refined by Al Merrick over his decades of shaping for the worlds best surfers


FCSII MR Mark Richards PC Twin Thruster Set (Various Colours)

MR's new twin + stabilizer template. The fast, pivoty feel of a twin with a small stabilizer trailer


Futures AM1 Techflex Thruster - Blue/Cyan M

Channel Islands Al Merrick signature Thruster Set Medium in flex controlling Techflex construction


Futures JJ-2 Techflex Thruster Set (S,M & L)

The new, updated John John Florence signature fin from Futures - with improved flex control & responsiveness.


OCEAN & EARTH 3 Fold Surf Locker

Get all you gear organized into one nice neat pouch that you can stash in the back of your car


Futures Rasta Twin + 1 Jute Carbon Purple

Signature Dave Rastovich Twin Fin for extra smooth rail to rail transitions


Futures Machado Twin + 1 Blackstix 3.0

Signature Rob Machado Twin Fin for extra smooth rail to rail transitions


Futures Controller Alpha Carbon Quad Fin Set

A large size quad set designed specifically for the classic, wide-tailed retro board - effectively a split keel


CAPTAIN FIN CO Tyler Warren Twin Especial ST

Tyler Warren designed this beauty for maximum down the line speed and smooth rail to rail surfing.


CAPTAIN FIN CO. Christenson Twin Especial ST

Chris takes us back in his time machine with this classic keel fin design. Perfect for your retro twin fin fish.


FCS Longboard Box Adapter

Change from a traditional longboard fin to a FCS thruster set up


FCSII MF Mick Fanning PC Thruster Set (Various Sizes)

Signature Athlete Series Fin for the WSL surfer - a raked back shape for drive and holding speed through turns


FUTURES Lost Generation Series Medium

Designed with high performance surfing in mind - one of the most popular & best balanced fin templates around


FUTURES Performance Single Fin (Various Sizes)

Choose your weapon. The Performance range offers a solution for every set up


CAPTAIN FIN CO Bros Marshall (Various Sizes)

These stylish templates will keep your surfing smooth as butter


FCSII Flow Fin PG (Various Sizes)

A great all round fin for extra drive, elongated arcs and trim stability


CAPTAIN FIN CO Mason Dyer Sea Bee 8.0"

For a single fin or even a 2+1 - this is one smooth surfin' skeg


CAPTAIN FIN CO Joel Tudor pivot 9.5inch

Joel designed this fin for long nose rides and quick turns - great in both square and pin tails


OCEAN & EARTH 2 Fold Surf Locker

Store all you Fins, Leashes, Wax, Sunscreen and other gear conveniently & tidily in one of these epic cases


CAPTAIN FIN CO. Dane Reynolds Thruster (Various Sizes)

A brand new template designed for Dane Reynolds by the team at Captain Fin Co


FUTURES SuperBrand HC 5 Fin Set

Designed by the team at Super Brand - a large sized balanced quad/thruster combo set


FUTURES F8 Alpha Tri Set Carbon Large

Constructed out of a unique molded aerated carbon fiber - an incredibly lightweight & resilient construction


FUTURES Generation F6 5-fin set

The very popular medium template fin in Generation construction with matching Quad Trailers


FCSII Connect Longboard PG Fin (Various Sizes)

Neutral, well balanced template (refined dolphin shape) - a great balance of speed, drive and response

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