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Gorilla Campaign Tail Pad Blue Red

5 Piece Pad with Aztec Grooves, Saber shaped Arch and Block tail wedge

$59.99 $35.95

DAKINE Superlite orange ochre

Three piece pad, 10mm center arch, 25mm steep rolled tail kick & beveled edges

$59.95 $35.95

DAKINE MeoLayer Pro Pad Radness

Signature tail pad for Mat Meola & Albee Layer

$59.99 $35.99

FCSII MB PC Carbon Thruster Set (M & L)

Matt 'Mayhem' Biolos's signature template delivers a lively combination of drive, hold and maneuverability.

$169.95 $99.95

DAKINE Miguel Pro Pad Black

Signature Miguel Pupo Tail Pad

$59.99 $35.99