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FCS Kolohe Andino Tail Pad (Various Colours)

Brand new 3 piece signature tail pad for the WSL Surfer


Slater Designs Front Foot Traction Pad

Signature 3 piece front foot pad designed by the 11 x World Champ


BALIN Sucker Tail Pad (Various Colours)

3 Piece tail pad with a 32mm kicker and arch bar


CREATURES Jay Davies Tail Pad (Various Colours)

Signature Flat pad with Square Loc II, Low Profile with lots of Cut outs & a larger 35mm kick


CREATURES Mick Fanning Lite Tail Pad (Various Colours)

Signature 3 piece pad constructed out of ultra light thermo moulded EVA


SLATER DESIGNS 5 Piece Pad (Various Colours)

Diamond peg shaped grip bumps, scoop shaped kick & a Medium Arch


MODOM Jack Freestone (Various Colours)

Signature three piece pad with a 5mm arch, diamond texture & medium sized kick with beveled corners


DAKINE Andy Irons Pro Pad (Various Colours)

3-piece, 5mm center arch with 20mm ramp tail kick


Dakine John John Florence Pro Pad

Dakine is has partnered with the world’s best surfer, John John Florence, to bring you this custom designed traction pad.


CREATURES Mick Fanning Tail Pad (Various Colours)

Signature 3 piece pad, with Square Loc pattern, a 7mm Tear Drop Arch, Chisel Construction & 28mm Table Top Kick


CREATURES Front Deck III (Various Colours)

3 Piece Front Foot Traction Pad with flat cord grip pattern & heaps of cut outs for extra grip


CREATURES Griffin Colapinto Tail Pad (Various Colours)

Signature 3 Piece Tail Pad with Diamond Loc II, 28mm Ramp Kick & 7mm Tear Drop Arch


GORILLA Wilko Tail Pad (Various Colours)

Signature Mat 'Wilko' Wilkinson tail pad - 3 piece, sabre arch bar and diamond groove grip pattern


SLATER DESIGNS 4 Piece Pad (Various Colours)

A flat pad with no arch, Square peg traction pattern and scoop kick


Slater Designs 3 Piece Arch

Signature 3 piece tail pad designed by the 11 x World Champ


BALIN Splitter Wideride Tail Pad

5 Piece tail pad specially designed for wider tailed boards


CREATURES Mitch Coleborn Tail Pad ( Various Colours )

Signature 3 Piece Tail Pad with 5mm Ridged Arch Bar, Square Loc II grip & a Chunky 28mm Ramp Kick


MODOM Blackness III Tail Pad

Three piece tail pad with a small arch, diamond texture & a medium kick with beveled corners


Modom Taj Burrow 2018 Signature Pad

Brand new, redesigned signature tailpad for 2018


CREATURES Split Tail Pad (Various Colours)

2 piece, diamond loc grip pattern, Flat pad (no archbar) with a 28mm Ramp kick


DAKINE Bruce Irons Pro Traction Pad (Various Colours)

5-piece pad, 7mm center arch, a vert wedge 25mm tail kick & beveled edges


BALIN Divide Tail Pad (Various Colours)

2 piece tail pad with no arch, diamond grip pattern and a 32mm kicker


GORILLA Phat Three Tail Pad (Various Colours)

3 Piece Pad with Diamond grooves and a Copperhead arch


GORILLA Campaign Tail Pad (Various Colors)

5 Piece Pad with Aztec Grooves, Saber shaped Arch and Block tail wedge

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