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Creatures of Leisure Longboard Knee Leash 10ft

A lightweight knee leash for longboards or other larger surfcraft in small to medium sized waves. Designed for use as an all-round leash in a variety of different surf conditions, this leash will have you covered from your local beach break to the slightly more demanding point or reef set-ups.

All Creatures of Leisure Leashes come with a 2 year warranty - they are so confident in the durability & quality of their leash range that they have a 2 year warranty on workmanship and defective materials.  Self lubricating stainless steel bearings are used in all of the swivels in Creatures Leashes.  This means minimal tangles, no locked-up or corroded swivels and maximum strength. 

Creatures’ leashes also have a patented non-slip cuff, ergonomically engineered from neo-mesh material. This spongy material is super comfortable and ensures that your leash stays where it is supposed to.   This cuff is also significantly lighter and thinner than many of the cuffs used by Creatures' competitors.   Leash Lock is a 70mm panel of customised, marine grade hook and weave Velcro.  This high strength, injection moulded Velcro is 50% stronger and significantly lighter than other Velcro products on the market.
LEASH LENGTH: 10’ x 3.0m
CORD THICKNESS: 9/32” x 7mm
CUFF WIDTH: 2.0” x 50mm
RAILSAVER WIDTH: 1.5” x 38mm
Patent Pending 50mm Non-slip Cuff
Surefire Leash Release
DNA Flex Mould
Leash Lock
2 Year Warranty
Stainless Steel Bearing Swivel


Brand Creatures of Leisure