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Stacey Wave Slave

Make summer waves your Bitch - This thing will let you do what you want to do when the waves won't cooperate!!

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  • Stacey Wave Slave - How fun do these things look?!

    Make summer waves your bitch on the new Wave Slave from the legends at Stacey. This thing will let you do what you want to do when the waves won't cooperate. If you are looking for a forgiving all-round shortboard as an intermediate surfer - get on it! If you are an advanced surfer – this board is a great option for you as a step-down ( just drop 3 or 4 inches less length than your HP shortboard)... Start dominating!

    Designed with mushy waves in mind - a very user friendly surfboard for anyone looking to add spice to their surfing when the waves aren’t that flash. The Wave Slave has a broad outline with lots of area in the tail and a fairly straight outline through the back half of the board.  This straighter section of rail makes this board super fast – helping with generating speed & carrying momentum – which translates to heaps of drive down the line to seamlessly link sections.  The broader tail area & large squash tail, coupled with generous amounts of concave, give you plenty of lift and looseness - characteristics critical for small wave shralping.  A late flip in the rocker (in the back 4 inches of the board) and a touch of Vee through the same area ensures that this board will redirect quickly and easily.  So you can still bring your turns right round, even on smaller wave faces – and you can throw down proper turns when presented with a good section.


    Wave Slave from Stacey Surfboards Pty Ltd on Vimeo.

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