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Stacey Wave Slave Slim Dimensions

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The Wave Slave Slim Dims - the rocker and concave is the same as the original that many of us have come to love. The foil and deck roll have been refined, making it a bit more sensitive while the forward wide point has been slightly altered to give the board a more high performance feel. The tail block has been pulled in from the original and a slight hip added but the tail remains a bit wider than a normal HP shortboard. This thing will be great for those stepping up an inch or two from the original wave slave or down an inch or two from your normal shortboard dimensions. These all come with the brand new @futuresfins #lightboxes which have added a whole new element to fin plug technology. These boxes are some of the first available anywhere in Oz - they chemically bond with the board during installation, are substantially lighter than any other plug on the market and allow for the tail of the board to flex more naturally.



"When you create something as versatile as the Wave Slave OG, it's hard to make something that can sit alongside a board like that. The Wave Slave OG has a certain look to it, and sometimes a misconceived perception that will work a certain way. So, when the conversation came about on the next generation of the Wave Slave, the team started asking me to make them a more performance version of the model. I had a very clear vision on what I wanted to create." "The team and myself have been surfing the Wave Slave for the past two years and we knew how well it worked, so there was a huge conversation around not changing too many things, except for a key areas to make it surf differently. I haven't touched the rocker or the concave, but I have changed the foil ever so slightly, refining it to add just a touch more sensitivity to the board. I've also tweaked the deck roll to give it more of a performance surf and slightly changed the forward outline, but too much, so it will still carry you over the flatter sections.




The tail outline has been changed by adding a more pronounced hip or break section, which replicates some of our performance shortboards (Black Bear & Machine Head). Finally, I tightened up the tail block to give it more of a traditional shortboard feel without taking away the advantages of the width and foam that the Wave Slave OG has" Lee Stacey Wave Slave Slim Dims is perfect for the surfer looking to add a slightly higher volumed performance shortboard to their quiver. Ride 1-2 inches shorter than your Black Bear or Machine Head and 1-2 inches longer than your Wave Slave OG.

NOTE: Wave Slave SLIM DIMS comes standard with 4x4xT Glassing and exclusively with Future Light Boxes.

Contemporary Modern - Easy to surf & performance based shortboard

Entry Rocker
Mid-Long Entry

Exit Rocker
Low with late Tail Flip

Mid Single

Hip Squash

Fin Setup
Thruster - Who doesn't like three fins?.


Wave Slave SLIM DIMS from Stacey Surfboards Pty Ltd on Vimeo.


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