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FCSII Fin Plug Original

The FCS II system has been designed to perform at the highest level by seamlessly connecting 3 essential elements in surfing


FUTURES Single Centre Fin Box

8" and 10.75" FUTURES Longboard Fin Box


FCS II Fin Plug Black

The FCS II system has been designed to perform at the highest level by seamlessly connecting 3 essential elements in surfing



Offering unparalleled strength, durability and bonding properties, FCS X-2 is the most widely used fin system in the world, and the chosen fin system by the world’s best surfers.


FCSII Installation kit

FCS Complete Install Kit contains all the necessary tools to install and repair original two tab FCS plugs. All tools can also be purchased separately if lost or due to standard wear and tear.


FCS II Dummy Fins Tri Set

Use these fin jigs while installing FCS II boxes to ensure proper cant. These "Dummy Fins" are molded to fit securely into the FCS II fin boxes during installation to set the proper cant and be removed easily after the resin cures. The Dummy Install F


FUTURES Leash Plug

Pre-laminate leash plug with a molded pin and reservoir bottom. The leash plug is shallower, allowing for installation into thinner tail surfboards.


FUTURES Fin Plugs - Army Green



FCS Leash Plug 25mm

1" diameter x 1/2" high Surfboard Leash Plug. Stainless steel leash loop pin. Available in White, Blue, Red, and Yellow. Can be installed before laminating (pre-glass) or after hotcoating (post-glass) and features a cap to prevent resin from getting


FCS II Fin Plug Acid

The FCS II system has been designed to perform at the highest level by seamlessly connecting 3 essential elements in surfing



Eliminates the hassle of using a screwdriver on your fin. Move it back or forward in the water without tools.


FCS Fusion Jig Router Template

FCS Fusion high quality, easy to install system, that can be installed under the fiberglass (as preferred by boards using new technologies such as EPS). It is an extremely simple system to install and is made to go directly into the foam before laminating


FUTURES Fin Plugs - Blue



FUTURES Fin Plugs - White



FCS Holesaw Drill

Holesaw bit for drilling the first hole in the bottom of the board making the first circular cut. Collar fitted to ensure right depth. Once you've marked the position of the X-2 plugs this will


FCS 1 Borer and Tube

The Boring Bit Can be installed into any drill chuck. It is used for both X-2 plug installations and FCS Leash Plug installations.


FCSII Router Jig Template

FCS II is an simple system to install.


FUTURES 2-Pass Fin Box Installation Kit

The 2-Pass Installation Kit is used when installing Futures Fins Boxes after lamination. Includes: - Router Slide With Faceplate installed - Jig Plate Router Guide - 1/2" insert for Jig Collar - Jig Plate - 1/4” One Pass Bit - Timmy Tool - EVA S


FCS Fin Template

The FCS Marking Out Template is used to mark the placement of the FCS plugs. Used to align the fin marks and draw in the circles.


FCSII Router Bit

FCSII Router Bit FCS router bit can be used with both FCS Fusion and FCS II Fin Jigs. Note: Router & Jigs are sold separately. Easy to use, simply install the bit into any hand held router, set the bit inside the fin jig and let the bearing run along the


FCS Fin Solutions Hardware Jig Set

The adjustable arms allow for very accurate set angles on the fins. This adds to better board performance.


FUTURES Leash Plug Installation Kit

The Futures Leash Installation Complete Kit comes with the Makita 0701C variable speed router, jig-plate, target, one pass bit, and router slide. If you have purchased a pre-2014 Futures Finbox installation kit, you can use your existing Makita 3709 rout

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