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The Fin Angle Finder is a tool for setting your fins  It is a Plastic Protractor and Angle Finder with Articulating Arms that make it  simple to reproduce or add the appropriate cant to glass on fins or your desired fins system. Fine black graduations fro


FCS Fin Key

FCS Fin Key


TRADEHAUS Heatproof Masking Tape Green 18mm

High Temperature heat proof masking tape. Easy use and nil bleed through.


Medicine Measuring Cup Small

30 ml Medicine Measuring Cup


LOYTAPE Heatproof Masking Tape Cream

High Temperature 150° rating 50 metres. Loy tape is one of the leading tapes you can trust for the ultimate in masking applications .


FUTURES “One- Pass” Router Bit

The new Futures “One- Pass” router bits allow improves installation efficiency and helps produce clean and consistent routes. These bits can be used with the older Futures installation kits - the installation process is simplified by eliminating the need


Kraft Masking Roll 150mm x 50m

Kraft paper 150mm wide and 50m long masking paper roll.


3M Pin Line Tape 6mm Blue

Used for resin pin lines and great paint design results.


FCS Measuring Cup

4 oz - 100 cc Measuring Cup


3M Refinishing Masking Tape 6mm Green

6mm x 55m Fine line masking tape. Straight masking lines for tight curves. Clean paint edges with no bleed through or residue. Ideal for air brushes. Goes on quickly and easily, sticks at a touch with no residue.