Min: $0 Max: $2000

Dirty Dingo (Various Sizes)

A hybrid shape that, rides like no other in a wide range of waves

$860.00 $550.00

Switchblade (Various Sizes)

Responsive, fast and maneuverable , performs well in a wide variety of conditions but comes into it’s own in smaller and weaker waves

$850.00 $500.00

Stacey 6505 Round Tail (Various Sizes)

A performance shortboard shape with a bit of extra spark in the lower end of the wave range

$860.00 $500.00

Firewire Addvance TT (Various Sizes)

For those who want a forgiving, easy to paddle board that is a bit sportier to surf than a longboard

$960.00 $750.00

Sweet Spot 2.0 (Various Sizes)

The perfect board to have in your quiver for those good days at home & to take overseas.

$860.00 $760.00

Greedy Beaver Bamboo LFT (Various Sizes)

Get your wave count up without sacrificing performance with one of these Greedy Beaver models

$960.00 $750.00

Venus Fly Trap VFT Swirl (Various Sizes)

A performance mini-mal/midlength - with the wide nosed front end of a longboard with a pulled in round tail


Venus Fly Trap VFT (Various Sizes)

A performance mini-mal/midlength - with the wide nosed front end of a longboard with a pulled in round tail


ZAK Twin Fish 2018

One of our best sellers last year, we have tweaked it slightly to give it a bigger wave range - a more refined shape for performance in a bigger range of conditions.


Machado Creeper (Various Sizes)

With a nod to single fin shapes of the 1970s - this model provides effortless glide while allowing for quick direction changes

$960.00 $750.00

Trouble Maker (Various Sizes)

A hybrid with generous amounts of foam that you can surf like a performance shortboard


Puddle Jumper Round Pin E-Tech (Various Sizes)

The Puddle Jumper design, tweaked for people looking to get a little more wave range out of it

$1,295.00 $950.00

Firewire Rob Machado Midas (Various Sizes)

This super fun looking shape is designed for high speed shralping in small to medium waves


Ringmaster (Various Sizes)

All the paddle power you need, packed into a sporty shape that you can maneuver easily.


The Twin (Various Sizes)

Bored with more conventional shapes? Something fun for average days? Definitely check this model out!

$895.00 $750.00

Almond Butter (Various Sizes)

A great paddler, easy to generate and hold speed – connects sections and maneuvers with heaps of glide and flow

$960.00 $750.00

Hayden Shapes Hypto Krypto (Various Sizes)

Widely acclaimed for its ability to perform in anything from 1ft chops to grinding 8ft barrels - this board works!

$1,095.00 $995.00

Taco Grinder (Various Sizes)

Designed for bigger, better, barreling waves - this board allows for a HP shortboard approach in waves that demand a gun or step-up

$865.00 $550.00

Ghost (Various Sizes)

A high performance board that works fantastically well once the waves have a little more juice


Gamma (Various Sizes)

Definitely not just a glass slipper fit for the King – a pretty epic all-rounder for us less gifted wave riders


Machado Go Fish (Various Sizes)

A super-fast board with a ton of drive - a high performance take on the retro fish design


DX1 JF (Various Sizes)

Jack Freestone's signature high performance shortboard from Darren Handley, with more foam, boxier rails and a wider tail block.

$860.00 $760.00

Hayden Shapes Holy Grail

A user friendly shape with a performance approach in mind, designed to fit and turn in steeper and tighter parts of the wave


Black Diamond (Various Sizes)

This model is the true meaning of versatile

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