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Bodyboard Leash Plug

Quality screw-in plug for your board with an anchor system that will hold up in heavy conditions.



Don't lose you fins when you take a tumble - Heavy duty fastening system and super comfy neoprene cuff


Limited Edition Wrist Leash

Basic 1.2m x 7.1mm Urethane leash with Snaplock Coil, comfortable Neoprene padded wrist Strap & Heavy Duty Fastener.


LIMITED EDITION Fin Sox (Various Sizes)

Neoprene Fin Socks that keep your fins on and help prevent rubbing


NOMAD Double Wrist Leash

1.2m x 7.1mm Urethane cord with 2 Chrome Torpedo Swivels , Neoprene Padded Bicep Strap & Heavy Duty Fastener.


Bicep Leash (Various Sizes)

1.2m x 7.1mm Urethane Snaplock Coil, 2 Chrome Torpedo Swivels with Double layer Neoprene Padded Bicep Strap & Heavy Duty Fastener.


Limited Edition Basic Board Cover

Comfortably & conveniently carry you board, fins, sunscreen and gear down to the beach


LIMITED EDITION Team Spec A Black Yellow

Constructed out of Malaysian natural rubber for comfort and flotation


CUSTOM X Fins (Various Colours)

Flat Blade - Floating, Soft foot pocket, light weight with double drain holes


Custom X Python EPS (Various Sizes & Colours)

EPS core available in 36” / 38” / 40” / 42”, with 60/40 Chine Double Rails with Channels


Nomad Neo EPS

An easy to manage entry level bodyboard - with the strength and durability found in much more expensive models


Funkshen Reconn EPS

The Reconn is deigned for the beginner rider. The EPS Core provides extra floatation & bouyancy helping you catch your first waves.


Limited Edition Pro Board Cover

Carry multiple boards & all your gear in this sturdy nylon back pack style bag


Nomad Enigma EPS (Various Sizes & Colours)

EPS Core with 1x Stringer, 60/40 Double Rails, Clipped Crescent tail & Channels


Nomad Transit Bodyboard Cover

Carry multiple boards, your fins , towels, sunscreen etc to the beach with ease with this backpack style cover


Nemesis PE Crescent (Various Sizes & Colours)

PE Construction with 1 x Stringer, 60/40 Double Rails, Clipped Crescent Tail & Channels


FSD Prodigy PE Cres (Various Sizes & Colours)

A super refined template with the best materials and construction processes known to man


Faction Limited BPP (Various Sizes & Colours)

Premium Beaded Polypro core with a Carbon Fibre Stringer, 55/45 Double Rails, Clipped Crescent Tail & Channels


Big Mac PP ( Various Sizes & Colours)

Premium PP Core with a Cellu-Cushion® 8lb PE skin, 60/40 Chine Double Rails, Carbon Fibre Stringer, Contour deck & Channels