Min: $0 Max: $1500

Puddle Jumper Round Pin E-Tech (Various Sizes)

The Puddle Jumper design, tweaked for people looking to get a little more wave range out of it


Untitled (Various Sizes)

For fun times in less than ideal conditions with great paddle power, a silly amount of acceleration and a super-fast top end speed


Hypto Krypto (Various Sizes)

Widely acclaimed for its ability to perform in anything from 1ft chops to grinding 8ft barrels - this board works!


Lib Tech Short Round (Various Sizes)

This great all-rounder is now available in the super-strong LibTech construction


Libtech Puddle Jumper (Various Sizes)

A small wave weapon - now available in the super-strong LibTech construction


Chumlee (Various Sizes)

A super versatile short wide shape for the smaller days that allows for a seamless transition back to a performance shortboard


Firewire Rob Machado Midas (Various Sizes)

This super fun looking shape is designed for high speed shralping in small to medium waves


Baked Potato TT (Various Sizes)

A small wave performance machine - a short, thick & wide disc shaped board that speeds across even the smallest, weakest waves


Machado Go Fish (Various Sizes)

A super-fast board with a ton of drive - a high performance take on the retro fish design


Addvance (Various Sizes)

For those who want a forgiving, easy to paddle board that is a bit sportier to surf than a longboard


Round Nose Fish RNF Redux (Various Sizes)

Probably one of the funnest boards you could put under your feet


The Twin (Various Sizes)

Bored with more conventional shapes? Something fun for average days? Definitely check this model out!


V3 Stealth (Various Sizes)

Offers high speed, wide tail glide for fat faced fun, with the ability for fast, vertical, precise pocket even marginal conditions.


Neptunes Ride (Various Sizes)

Nice and drivey to surf, this is a board that performs equally well in weaker waves or on days with a bit more juice


Black Diamond (Various Sizes)

This model is the true meaning of versatile


Ringmaster (Various Sizes)

All the paddle power you need, packed into a sporty shape that you can maneuver easily.


Twin Fish (Various Sizes)

Zak's take on a classic twin keel fin fish with plenty of foam up front for paddle power - tapering down to a relatively sharp refined rail through the tail


Mini (Various Sizes)

The Mini was created to add a bit more performance & versatility to an easy surfing, fun surfboard shape

$855.00 $700.00

Stacey Return Of The Jam 5'6" x 19 3/4" x 2 3/8" 28.9L Futures (#8998)

This small wave specialist generates speed with ease in waves with very little push, makes quick transitions from rail-to-rail and draws tighter arcs

$870.00 $600.00

Psycho Nitro (Various Sizes)

Designed for maximum high performance fun , the perfect craft to keep you excited in mediocre conditions


JS Industries Nitro (Various Sizes)

Generates speed with ease, with a sensitive enough rail & tail for tight direction changes


DHD XRS (Various Sizes)

Small wave fun distilled in foam and fibreglass

$860.00 $550.00