Min: $0 Max: $2000

Firewire Rob Machado Midas (Various Sizes)

This super fun looking shape is designed for high speed shralping in small to medium waves


Faded (Various Sizes)

Looking for that one board that you can be comfortable on when it starts to pump?


Pro-Formance Pocket Rocket Round Tail (Various Sizes)

Ride exactly what the pros ride with these epic looking Pro-Formance Pocket Rockets


Gamma (Various Sizes)

Definitely not just a glass slipper fit for the King – a pretty epic all-rounder for us less gifted wave riders


Duke Tubesteak (Greg Brown) Noserider 9'6" x 23" x 3 1/8" (#10461)

A beautiful hand shaped, longboard from acclaimed Victorian Surfer/Shaper Greg Brown. Designed to let you maximizing your time on the nose - yet redirect with on rail carving turns.


Tomo SKX (Various Sizes)

Tomo SKX (Various Sizes) Stuart Kennedy’s signature all-round shortboard model - intended to be surfed in mediocre to good waves.


Ghost (Various Sizes)

A high performance board that works fantastically well once the waves have a little more juice


Air 17 (Various Sizes)

Developed with Julian Wilson to facilitate a progressive approach in everyday waves.


Monsta 6 Round Tail (Various Sizes)

Grab one of these and it might well be the best all-round to good wave high performance shortboard you’ve had in your life


Monsta 6 Squash Tail (Various Sizes)

Grab one of these and it might well be the best all-round to good wave high performance shortboard you’ve had in your life


Taco Grinder (Various Sizes)

Designed for bigger, better, barreling waves - this board allows for a HP shortboard approach in waves that demand a gun or step-up


Zombie Wolf (Various Sizes)

Designed as an easy surfing board for waves with a bit more shape, size and power


74 - 6'1 x 19 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 30.5L Futures (#10393)

Designed to work best in punchy beach breaks, reef waves or lined up points, the 74 will not let you down


Siamese Twin (Various Sizes)

Zak's most popular all-round short board - will have you up and into waves early with speed to burn


Asymmetric (Various Sizes)

Some bigger asymmetric shapes specifically designed for right handers

$950.00 $695.00

Asymmetric (Various Sizes)

Epic performance assymetric designs from Pluse One in San Diego

$875.00 $795.00

ROTJ (Various Sizes)

This small wave specialist generates speed with ease in waves with very little push, makes quick transitions from rail-to-rail and draws tighter arcs

$870.00 $720.00

Doug Rogers 6'10" x 21/2 " x 2 7/8" Futures (#10333)

One of Doug Rogers' prized hand shapes specially for our racks


Shred Sled King (Various Sizes)

A step up version of the Shred Sled model - plenty of volume and maximum hold in larger waves

$1,045.00 $895.00

T-Drop (Various Sizes)

A modernized version of the teardrop shapes of the late 60s and early 70s


Funboard (Various Sizes)

Designed to be relatively effortless to surf - minimize the struggle and maximize your fun


Venus Fly Trap VFT Swirl (Various Sizes)

A performance mini-mal/midlength - with the wide nosed front end of a longboard with a pulled in round tail


Ringmaster (Various Sizes)

All the paddle power you need, packed into a sporty shape that you can maneuver easily.


Twin Fish (Various Sizes)

Zak's take on a classic twin keel fin fish with plenty of foam up front for paddle power - tapering down to a relatively sharp refined rail through the tail

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