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Zak Quad Fish

One of our best sellers last year, we have tweaked it slightly to give it a bigger wave range - a more refined shape for performance in a bigger range of conditions.


ZAK LONGBOARD Blue (#10708) 9'1" x 22 3/4" x 2 7/8"

Nice, clean, traditional longboard shapes for endless glide & buttery turning


Zak Ringmaster Colours

All the paddle power you need, packed into a sporty shape that you can maneuver easily.


Lost Proformance Sub Driver

Short and stubby with plenty of built in drive - easy to catch waves and generate speed on.


Rousa Platapussy

A paddle friendly mini-mal that doesn't skimp on performance!


Rousa Rocket

This board design is about as fast as surfboards get - and has blown the minds of everyone that has managed to get one underfoot


Doug Rogers Double Flyer

A shape that is generous on the volume but doesn't skimp on performance - built to be surfed as an allrounder for local conditions



Performance egg shape from Greg Brown - lay down the carves of your life on one of these weapons


Chilli Black Vulture

A high performance speedster - with heaps of drive for connecting sections & a tight turning radius


DHD Mini Twin

Designed as a collaboration between team rider Asher Pacey & Darren Handley - based on a classic keel-fin fish outline with a few modern tweaks.


Lost Puddle Jumper

A small wave speeder that is both user friendly & allows for more radical top to bottom surfing


Stacey Wave Slave

Make summer waves your Bitch - This thing will let you do what you want to do when the waves won't cooperate!!


JS Industries Air 17 X

Designed to feel like a performance shortboard, but exaggerates your small wave abilities.


Channel Islands OG Flyer

For more speed and flow in smaller, weaker waves while maintaining high performance approach


Zak Phat Jack 2.0

Built with small waves in mind this is a great paddler, picks waves very easily and has no problems generating speed



The 3DX is all about making things fun & easy is small to medium sized waves



Successfully combines a true performance shortboard with a more user friendly volume for the core surfer looking to take their surfing to that next level.


Lost V3 Rocket (#10654) 5'8" x 19 1/2" x 2 5/16" 28.6L FCSII

After a zippy board for small to medium sized waves or a forgiving allrounder? Then the ...Lost V3 Rocket could well be the board for you.

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