Min: $0 Max: $1500

Untitled (Various Sizes)

For fun times in less than ideal conditions with great paddle power, a silly amount of acceleration and a super-fast top end speed


HyFi Monsta Box (Various Sizes)

One of our best selling Victorian all-rounders since it's release now in HyFi


Gamma (Various Sizes)

Definitely not just a glass slipper fit for the King – a pretty epic all-rounder for us less gifted wave riders


Omni (Various Sizes)

Built in speed off the mark coupled with the ability to draw both long carves and tight, radical performance arcs on the wave face


Tomo SKX (Various Sizes)

Tomo SKX (Various Sizes) Stuart Kennedy’s signature all-round shortboard model - intended to be surfed in mediocre to good waves.


Sci-Fi (Various Sizes)

A board with vastly superior acceleration, both down the line and through maneuvers


Pocket Rocket (Various Sizes)

A great high performance shortboard with built-in drive that won’t shy away from critical sections


Shred Sled King (Various Sizes)

A step up version of the Shred Sled model - plenty of volume and maximum hold in larger waves

$1,045.00 $895.00

...Lost Baby Buggy Carbon Wrap 6'0" x 20" x 2 1/2" 33L FCSII (#10252)

A short, fun board for small to medium sizes waves that is still a (normal) board - not too fishy

$1,095.00 $895.00

Ducks Nuts JBAY (Various Sizes)

The channel bottom model that Mick Fanning rode to victory at J-Bay in 2016


Voodoo Child (Various Sizes)

The first Mason Ho Pro Model surfboard, designed by shaper Matt Biolos with feedback & creative input from Mason.


Pro-Formance Pocket Rocket Round Tail (Various Sizes)

Ride exactly what the pros ride with these epic looking Pro-Formance Pocket Rockets


Ghost (Various Sizes)

A high performance board that works fantastically well once the waves have a little more juice


Monsta 6 Round Tail (Various Sizes)

Grab one of these and it might well be the best all-round to good wave high performance shortboard you’ve had in your life


6505 RT (Various Sizes)

A performance shortboard shape with a bit of extra spark in the lower end of the wave range

$860.00 $870.00

74 - 6'1 x 19 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 30.5L Futures (#10393)

Designed to work best in punchy beach breaks, reef waves or lined up points, the 74 will not let you down


Zombie Wolf (Various Sizes)

Designed as an easy surfing board for waves with a bit more shape, size and power


Sweet Spot 2.0 (Various Sizes)

The perfect board to have in your quiver for those good days at home & to take overseas.


DX1 JF (Various Sizes)

Jack Freestone's signature high performance shortboard from Darren Handley, with more foam, boxier rails and a wider tail block.


Air 17 (Various Sizes)

Developed with Julian Wilson to facilitate a progressive approach in everyday waves.


Monsta 6 Squash Tail (Various Sizes)

Grab one of these and it might well be the best all-round to good wave high performance shortboard you’ve had in your life


Stubby Bastard (Various Sizes)

Successfully combines an ultra high-performance shortboard with a stubby step-down - essentially providing you with the best of both worlds


Churro (Various Sizes)

A forgiving board with a large sweet spot, for a high performance approach in less than ideal conditions

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