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OCEAN & EARTH High N' Dry Collapsible Wetty Wetsuit Bucket

Store and transport your wetsuit with ease with one of these - a well thought out design


OCEAN & EARTH Deluxe Wetsuit Change Mat

Made of tough, waterproof fabric - Stand inside to prevent sand and dirt messing up your wetsuit


NEO-REZ Wetsuit Repair

A fast-curing, clear synthetic perfect for the repair of neoprene wetsuits


C-Skins Neoprene Repair Kit

High quality, quick drying black glue with several patches, neoprene tape and applicator brush


SEACURED Wetsuit Rez

Super strong & stretchy wetsuit repair glue. Dries in 2 hours, transparent finish - repair fabric included


FK Sticky Johnson No More Rash

Eliminates and soothes rashes from long sessions - essential if you want to make the most of you time in the water


OCEAN & EARTH Wetsuit Repair Kit

The ultimate wetsuit repair kit - with a tube of Neoprene Cement + Iron-On Neo-Patch


Modom Hooded Poncho Adult Blackness

265gms microfiber hooded towel


CREATURES Poncho Black

100% Cotton Poncho - stay warm and covered while getting changed in and out of your wetsuit



Keep you wetsuit clean while you change in & out of it - a convenient way to carry your suit as well


Sticky Johnson Wetty Wash 250ml

Clean, deoderize, soften & preserve your wetsuit and boots


SEACURED Wetsuit Cement (Black)

Super Strong, Stretchy & Soft on skin Wetsuit Repair Glue in Black


DAKINE Surface Vest

Protection from impact, while providing flexibility and freedom to ride. Generous amounts of padding with a flexible waist


TOOLZ Koshino Umitaro Magic Heater

Give yourself an extra boost of warmth this winter with a Neoprene Heating Kidney Belt from Toolz.


Modom Hooded Poncho Youth Blackness

Youth Sized 265gms microfiber hooded towel