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RIP CURL Women's Dawn Patrol 2mm Short Sleeve Spring Suit(Various Colours)

Made for surfing, designed with style with amazing comfort and performance


C-SKINS Rewired Zipperless 3X2 Black Navy (Various Sizes)

The ReWired Zipperless is an all-out high performance suit for a mind-bending range of movement


Xcel Axis Back Zip 3/2 Black

A basic, comfortable and stretchy 3/2mm back Zip steamer


Xcel Comp 2mm Full Ink Blue

The Xcel 2mm Comp wetsuit gives you warmth in cool waters without sacrificing maneuverability.


Rip Curl E-Bomb 3/2 Zipper Free Steamer

Rip Curl's top high-performance wetsuit in Zip Free - keeps you loose and protected from cool water.


RIP CURL Junior Boys Aggrolite 2mm Spring Suit (Various Colours)

The ultimate in stretch and performance while maintaining durability


Rip Curl Womens Dawn Patrol 3/2 Back Zip Steamer

This suit achieves a great balance between performance in the water and aesthetic appeal


BILLABONG Absolute Comp 302 Kids Steamer FL (Various Colours)

Strategically placed seams & premium materials make for the best fitting value wetsuits available.


Rip Curl Womens Dawn Patrol 2/2 L/SL Spring

Made out of the highest quality neoprene, with E-stitch h seams for ultimate flexibility and comfort


Billabong Revoution Tri Bong 202 S/S Steamer 2018

A great lightweight & flexible short arm steamer



A great wetsuit for boy's and girl's aged 2 years and up.


RIPCURL Flashbomb 53mm Chest Zip Wetsuit Steamer (Various Sizes)

All the features you want in a high performance winter wetsuit


Rip Curl Aggrolite 2/2 S/SL Chest Zip Steamer

A nice stretchy & comfortable suit that allows a full range of motion without compromising durability.


O'Neill Hyperfreak Fuze 2mm Short Sleeve Steamer

The quality, lightweight materials and attention to detail make this one of the lightest, most comfortable suits around.


Xcel Infiniti Comp LS Spring 2mm Black

Designed for maximum range of movement and stretch - for freer, warmer surfing in the warmer months


Rip Curl Aggrolite 2mm Short John

A nice stretchy & comfortable suit that keeps your arms free while your core warm & protected


BILLABONG Salty Dayz Fullsuit 302 Mulberry

Women's 3/2mm steamer with chest zip. Perfect for spring through to Autumn in Victoria.


O'Neill Superfreak L/S Crew 1mm Wetsuit Vest

Super stretchy 1mm wetsuit top with subtle flatlock stitching, elastic cinch system board-short connector loop


BILLABONG Furnace Comp 2mm Boot

Perfect for those of you that find wearing regular boots clumsy and uncomfortable to surf in


ATTICA Alpha 32 Steamer Black (Various Sizes)

Super flexible 4.0 Superstretch, GBS & External liquid taped seams with a Gridlock Firewall lining


C-SKINS Hot Wired 4X3 Black (Various Sizes)

C-Skins ultimate cold water wetsuit with no compromises - super light, stretchy, warm & durable


Rip Curl Boys Aggrolite 1.5mm Spring Suit

A super stretchy spring suit that is durable.A full, free range of motion while keeping your core warm.


Billabong Boys Absolute Comp 2mm LS Spring Chest Zip

Super comfortable, lightweight Long Sleeve Spring Suit from Billabong with plenty of stretch


C-Skins Wired 2/2 Steamer 2017

A very flexible and lightweight suit - perfect for maximum performance in the warmer months down here

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